Recording the Kanite New Testament
Project Description

Our dear friend, Terry Cirre, is currently in Papua New Guinea, working with a number of different people groups, one of which is the Kanite language group.

In the late 1950’s, Jon’s Aunt, Joy McCarthy, worked with the Kanite people and eventually completed a New Testament in their language. The amazing thing about the work being done in Papua New Guinea is that it isn’t even over when the New Testament is dedicated. Wycliffe is committed to checking in on language groups to see how they have been able to understand and apply God’s word to their lives and to help in any way possible to make the Scriptures even more accessible, whether that be through Tok Ples (this refers to the individual tribal languages) literacy work (not everyone in the village can read in their language) or through the distribution of audio Bibles for those who are unable to read.

Just recently, Terry visited the Kanite (a four hour 4×4 drive followed by a one hour hike down and up a very steep mountain). He helped organize and ‘kick-off’ a literacy project for their self-run elementary and adult literacy schools which will help the people to be able to read God’s Word and gain a better understanding of it. Terry also distributed more solar audio Bibles and, lastly, he is trying to help the Kanite prepare to hopefully start recording more of the New Testament in their own language as only small portions have been recorded. Lord willing, this project will get underway when enough funds have been raised.

If you want to give specifically to the recording of the Kanite New Testament, please contact us and we will pass on the information needed to connect you with this specific project. Thank you!

Project Details